About Us

“Light Communication” is a corporate based professional advertising agency which consists of people with diverse skills and background in professional marketing communication. We provide a full service agency which covers Above The Line, Below The Line, and Marketing Services.

“Light Communication” has a diverse team. The Company’s staff is composed of a gifted designers, photographers, writers, editors, Media Planner, Account Executives, and Analysts who serve as a paradigm in our company. With our extensive experiences, we bring our expertise and enthusiasm to each project. Our teams are able to strive and commit to serve your better.

The aim is to become premier communication agency by providing our clients with innovative solutions and effective marketing strategies to reach their target audience. Every project will be executed with thoroughness that will save times and financial resources. Light Communication stretches the importance in satisfying client’s needs and gives the MAXIMUM efforts.

Light Communication was formed to provide a dynamic and creative environment for its professional staff. We aim to develop a nation wide corporation.

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