“ Light Communication” is a Brand Communicator based in Jakarta and founded in 2006. Light Communication consists of people with diverse skills and background in professional marketing communications. Ideas, Perception, Creativity and passion are our foundation that defines who we are and what we are planning to do next.

Since our establishment, Light Communication has built a diverse and extensive portfolio covering brand identity design, advertising campaigns, graphic design, interactive marketing, production house and online booking artists.

With our extensive experiences, we bring our expertise and enthusiasm to each project. Our teams are able to strive and commit to serve your better.

Ideas and Passion

We passionately believe that communications have the powers to transform our clients' businesses. Our clients can expect a team that continually finds new and better ways to connect our clients to their consumers.

We push for original thinking, quality and passion. These small hands are so paid attention in details. It’s tailor made the works to enhance the best result. Light Communication dedicate to every piece that counts on to meet internal and external milestones to ensure that all development stays fully on schedule. There’s a huge energy inside of us that we called passion. Passion is our motivation to serve better results.

Our culture is founded on creativity and humanity. It unleashes the hidden potential in our people, so they can in turn unleash the hidden potential in our clients' brands. We believe in creative collaboration within our organization and with our clients and business partners to create Better Ideas for Better Results.

Feel. Love. Cherish Your Brands.

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